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My Desire to Write

To God be the Glory

My greatest desire in all I write is for God to be lifted high and glorified. Writing is a gift from Him that I don't want to ever take for granted.


Published magazine articles:

Sunday School Counselor - Article featured on the back page.

Pentecostal Evangel - "My Daughter Was Healed" and "Glad Tidings Miracle"

Shining Star - "King Josiah"

Kingdom Women - "God Doesn't Have to Make Sense" - Numerous articles for various publications (Devotable, Koinonia, and Boomerang)

CrossRiver Publication:  Abba's Lessons - "My Name Meant Ugly"

Published devotions:

The Upper Room

The Secret Place

Drawing Near: 90-day devotionals - I have several devotions published in this book through Wholly Love Ministries - numerous devotions for various publications (Devotable, Koinonia, and Boomerang) - Several devotions published through Wholly Loved Ministries - A Study on the Book of John - two devotions published through Wholly Loved Ministries

Christ's Family Church - Wrote devotions on the front bulletin cover for two and a half years

Omaha Christian Center - Wrote devotions on the back bulletin cover for six months


At FaithWriters (, I had two stories featured on their author Spotlight page ("Pretty as a Gerber Daisy in a Fancy Picture" and "Not Even Ten"). Four stories were Editor's Choices in the weekly Challenge. Several Challenge articles placed first, second and third at various levels of competition. A few received the honor of being Highly Commended.

Writer's Digest Competition - My children's picture book, "Kairu's Scary Adventure," received an honorable mention at Writer's Digest 2022 Book Competition.




Besides the website you are on now, you can find samples of my writing endeavors at the following blogs and web sites:

I write devotions and articles for (no longer an active account)

In this blog I share my experiences as a mother, grandmother, teacher, Sunday School teacher, Children's Church leader, and as someone who loves children. It's all about children and my passion for hanging with them.

This is a devotional blog in which I share my insights of scripture. It's not devoted to only devotionals but to whatever else I feel like writing about in the moment.

Got to the FaithWriters website by clicking on the above address

-Click on:  Find a Writer (green box)

-Click on:  Search by Author's Name

-Enter my last name - Hofer

FaithWriters is a website dedicated to the Christian writer. I have approximately 60+ articles and stories available for you to read in a variety of genres.  These stories are for sale.

Book Projects


Christmas Still Came - Completed. Ready to work with an editor.

This is a children's fiction chapter book which focuses on the Taylor family and their recent setbacks after their father's long illness. The family lost everything and had to move into a rundown cabin. Twelve-year-old Emma Rose Taylor struggles to accept the truth that her family will have a dismal Christmas. Her protagonist is a classmate, Elizabeth Anne Holmes.  Emma's disappointment with her family's new-found poverty status and battles with Elizabeth Anne lead her to discover the true meaning of Christmas. God's love for Emma and her family becomes evident and after several trials she comes to recognize and understand His love.

Twice Adopted - Started writing first draft in November, 2023.

This is Part Two in the Christmas Still Came series. The first book was told from the view of Emma Rose Taylor. The second book is told from the perspective of her protagonist, Elizabeth Anne Holmes. It's a working title and a book in progress. Will update details at a later date.

Chase's Request - Completed, looking for a publisher/Children's Picture Book

Chase lives in the country with his mother. There aren't any neighbors living nearby so things get fairly lonely for the young boy. More than anything, Chase desires to have friends. After praying for friends, a lot of crazy events take place in the middle of the night. Chase is awakened by the commotion to discover God has indeed answered his prayer.

Mr. & Mrs. Elf Owl Find A Home - Finding the Perfect Home - It's in a complete rewrite state right now. I like the concept of the story but it has a long way to go until completed. Mr. & Mrs. Elf Owl try to find a home in time for the wee ones to be laid. They look in various places for that special, unique home just right for them. After several misadventures trying to find the perfect home, God provides a home which is perfect for them. Along with enjoying Mrs. & Mrs. Elf Owl's adventure, the children will learn about Elf Owls, their habitat, and migration.

Kairu's Desert Adventure - Learning a Lesson the Hard Way - This book received an honorable mention at the 2022 Writer's Digest Book Competition, Children's Category. Kairu is a rambunctious elephant calf. He adventurous spirit usually puts him in danger and in trouble. One adventure in particular takes him a little too far from home where he encounters a pride of lionesses. Will it be his last adventure? Will he learn a hard lesson the hard way?

The Town of Whiney Oaks  -  Completed, looking for a publisher/Children's Picture Book/Epic Poem

In the town of Whiney Oaks lives a lot of whiney folks. However, there is one little boy who is determined to look at the best in everything instead of whining. Most of the folks don't understand Perry-boy and his happy, sunny ways. Eventually, others begin to long for what Perry-boy has thus giving him an opportunity to share Good News with them.

The Greatest Teacher Who Ever Lived - The Sermon on the Mount - Still a work in progress

Six chapters are complete - A Children's Devotional Book about Jesus' teachings known as The Sermon on the Mount. I'm still in the process of writing the devotional book.  The Sermon on the Mount is told through the eyes of a young boy named Josiah.

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