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God Has Blessed 

               Me Abundantly











I am blessed to have been married to my husband, Mike, since 1976. I can never thank him enough for loving me unconditionally, warts and all. Two years after we were married in Chula Vista, CA we moved to Omaha, NE where we still live. Either I'm totally crazy for leaving the beautiful San Diego area to move to the Midwest or I'm totally in love with my husband. Maybe it's a little of both...crazy in love.

We have been blessed with two children. and four energy-filled, funny, loving, energy-filled, impish, delightful, energy-filled (did I mention they were energy-filled?), smart grandchildren. Our family lives nearby and we're constantly in each other's lives. There have been a few challenges along the way but, with God's help, we are able to work through the issues.

Mike and I owned our own business for thirty years, Hofer's Auto Repair, Inc. It's a miracle we're still married. Again, it helps to be a little crazy when you work with your spouse. When I tell my husband he's driving me crazy, he always has the same response. "Well, you didn't have far to drive." So true. Sad, but so true. Mike felt owning the business was a call of God on his life. It must've been true since the Lord gave him many opportunities to minister to others while servicing their vehicles.

For several years I worked part-time evenings at the shop. During the day I taught at a church school here in Omaha. I also babysat my grandchildren until they started school and homeschooled two of them for a couple of years.

We're retired now. Let me reword that sentence. We've moved onto other things. My husband still works full-time at another shop in town and I spend a lot of my time writing.

I know I don't say it enough, loud enough or sincerely enough: I love my husband. He's a totally cool dude. I'm proud of my children. Our adult children are fantastic, hard-working, and loving. And of course, I'm head-over-heels goofy for my grandchildren.


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