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God Has Called Me to Write

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

I'm not a naturally gifted writer. When I write a blog or devotion or fiction story, the process involves a lot of rough drafts. I don't dare submit a story without first having it critiqued by a group of my peers. Their input is invaluable and usually involves more rewrites.

And yet, even though writing doesn't come easy for me, God has called me to write. I figure He must have a wicked (probably not the best choice of words) sense of humor and enjoys watching me sweat the process.

I may not be the most talented writer in the bunch but I have learned a lesson or two about writing that has helped me along the way.

The number one lesson I've learned is this: I don't want to write one word, not one single word, without the blessings and anointing of God. I don't want to (nor can I) write unless He is with me every step of the way in the writing process. Without Him, my words are empty and meaningless.

Moses understood this. In Exodus 33:14-16, Moses told God, "I ain't takin' another step unless Your presence goes with me." Okay, that's paraphrased according to Lollie's gospel but you get my point. I'm not writing one more word unless God is in the deal. I want folks to glorify the Lord when they read what I've written and know He has blessed my words.

I may not be a naturally gifted writer, but I know enough to hang out with my very talented Heavenly Father who guides me and anoints what He calls me to write.

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