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Promote Myself? No Way!

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Say what? I have to promote myself? No way! I can't do it.

One huge thing that publishers are interested in is who's following you. How many people read your blogs? How many people are on your mailing list? Publishers usually aren't interested in working with you unless you have hundreds of eager followers.

Let's see. I have fourteen followers on my devotional blog and, well, not even that many on this blog. (Sheepish blush.) I do publish the articles on my Facebook page which draws in several more people.

They tell me the only way to increase my readership is to promote myself. I can't. I wasn't raised that way. I can't open my mouth and tell you to, "Come on over. I'll make it worth your time." It's like I'm muzzled and can't get the words out.

Here's what I can do. In a teeny-tiny voice, I can say, "Oh wait, let me take the tape off my mouth. Ouch! The tape pulled the hairs on my moustache."

As I was saying, this is what I can do. In a teeny-tiny voice, I can say, "Would you please sign-up to follow me on my two blogs? Pretty please."

This blog can be accessed at You can click to follow me. You can also sign-up to receive emails. I'll try not to inundate you with a lot of emails but it is a way to let you know when I have written articles.

My other blog can be found at It is a devotional blog. You can also sign up to follow me on there and to receive emails.

"Whew. I did it. Please and thank you."

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