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What Should I Write About?

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

I've been told I should write at least three pages of words a day. Three pages? Of what? I don't know...stuff. I have a lot of stuff I can write about, you know. So here I sit. Overthinking about what to write. Can you relate? Thinking...thinking...thinking. Nope, nothing. At this point, the best thing I can do is pick up my pen, open my journal and write the first thing that comes to mind. It may be crazy gibberish but at least it will be three whole pages of crazy gibberish. Who knows. Maybe I'll write something deeply profound that will change the world. Probably not but at least I'll have more than I do now. It reminds me of a Nike commercial - "Just do it." See you later people. My journal and pen are beckoning me to come hither.

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