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My Faith

I'm Glad I Said "Yes" to Jesus


My mother, older sister and I lived with my Grandpa & Grandma Walls in Macomb, IL until I was five years old. I'm so thankful Grandma took me to church with her every Sunday and for the seeds she planted in my young heart. I know it wasn't easy for her because my "sitter" was broken back then and being quiet for more than a few minutes was beyond what I could endure. She probably earned "sainthood" status thanks to my antics. After my mother remarried, my family moved to Chula Vista, CA when I was 8 years old and the seed continued to grow. I maintained the habit of attending whatever church was closest to where we lived. When I was 19 years old I gave my heart to my Lord Jesus Christ. I'm so glad I did. He is an incredible Savior and Lord. It's hard to believe that I've been a Christian now for, gasp, over fifty years. 

Loving the Body of Christ
We've been attending Omaha Christian Center for several years. It's been an interesting adjustment because we were with our former pastors for approximately 28 years before making the change. I dearly miss my friends and pastors but also recognize the hand of God in making the change. I'm forever grateful for the impact The Family Room has had on my life and will always love and be passionate about my friends there.

We enjoy attending O.C.C. Its pastors and people are friendly. Pastor Chris & Rhonda made us feel welcome from the first Sunday we visited. They have a desire to reach the community surrounding the church with the good news of Jesus Christ and provide many opportunities for us to minister to those families living nearby. Part of that outreach is a Wednesday night program for kids called Superbook Academy where I'm a teacher.
       My Experiences with Children

The reason I like to write for children and about children is because I've worked with them since 1970 in many different capacities. I traveled with an evangelistic team, Early Church on Wheels, for four years and was a child evangelist for a couple of those years. I've taught Sunday School at all levels and have been involved with Children's Church for years as well. I wrote a large portion of the materials I used in Children's Church. For a couple years I oversaw the children's department at a local church. I worked as a teacher at a church school for several years, again, writing some of the curriculum I used, especially in Bible and History. I've been hanging with children for a long time and hopefully that won't change anytime soon.

I write mostly stories with a spiritual emphasis. My desire is for the children to see Jesus in all that I write and that through the stories and books, they will have a greater love for Him.

Since I didn't want the adults to feel left out (or that's my excuse), I also blog about my teaching experiences ( and have a devotional blog at
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