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Hey, At Least This Dog's Willing To Learn

Not that dog...that's our dog, Shelby. This Shelby and I are getting up there in years...she's twelve and I'll be seventy years old in March. Most of you have heard the adage, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." I don't know, maybe it's true but at least THIS dog is willing to attempt learning. I'm still open to it, especially where writing is concerned. Recently, I've read several "how to" books (such as "how to create plot" and "how to develop strong characters"). I've been on line for the past couple of days searching for creative writing courses I can take to enhance my skills. I'll find out if I've still "got it" - the ability to learn, that is - because the drive to learn is still in me. I may have "one foot in the grave" (my grandkids think so anyway) but at least my want-to isn't dead.

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