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After I Declared, "I'm Not Retired" - Things Went Bonkers

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

In my last blog, I declared to ya’ll that I’m not retired. I have a full-time job. Writing. After I made that cocky declaration, crazy things began to happen preventing me from writing for over a month. I even questioned whether God had called me to this profession.

First, my grandson got COVID (he lives with us along with his mother and sister) forcing me to quarantine in my bedroom. After my daughter tested positive, (my husband and I tested negative, twice) we moved to a hotel. Since I don’t have a laptop computer, my writing was derailed for a while. About the time we thought we could go home, our granddaughter came down with COVID.

I tried keeping up with devotions and blogs using my cell phone. However, I learned it’s really, really, really hard to pound out words on that small piece of equipment. (Sorry, all you grammar gurus who really hate the word “really”, but it was really difficult.)

The day arrived when we returned home. Thankfully, I could start writing again. I flexed my stubby little fingers to limber them up, sat down at my desk to get my creativity on and my computer started misbehaving. It had some good days where I could write but mostly it had bad days where I couldn’t write. Eventually, it gave up the ghost and stopped working altogether. Never to be resurrected again.

I hate spending money so it took half of September for me to decide if I wanted to dole out the money on a decent computer that would meet all my writing needs. Come to find out, I did want to. And then, it took a couple more weeks of research for me to decide on the best computer for me.

I’m pleased to announce my new computer and I are quite compatible. We get along well. So…I’m back. Here’s to me writing full-time or until the next crisis derails me.

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